Enjoy Fun Labor Day Activities in Plano at Willow Bend Market

Labor Day activities in Plano start with a trip to Willow Bend Market, where your kids will come alive in a world all their own. We have a place that brings out creativity in your kiddos. It’s so close, and so much fun. Stop by today for Labor Day activities in Plano at Willow Bend Market:

Labor Day Activities in Plano Starts At Play Street Museum

Play Street Museum provides a whole world of creative exploration for your kids. Bring them all in, and for $13. They can explore a world that is just their size. It’s available for kids ages one through eight. You must stay with them, and treats are not allowed. Although you can bring in drinks with secure lids. You must watch your children as they play. 

Play Street Museum Is So Much Fun 

They have a slime lab and a building area. In fact, it looks like a little town. It’s all child-size, too. Do you remember how fun it was to play in your pretend kitchen as a child? Imagine that, but an entire city. Your child can explore the things they love, and help work towards a future career. Don’t get it confused, though, this is a play place. It’s a great way for kids to meet new friends, or enjoy a play date.

Play Street Museum Makes Labor Day 2022 A Blast!

You can even book a party for Labor Day. Teachers, you can set up a future field trip for your class. After Labor Day 2022, come back for their events. Just book a reservation, and give your child the gift of creativity through play. They learn how the world works in the centers. They have a mini city that teaches them how things work. 

It’s all waiting for your children to come and learn through play. At Play Street Museum, they take play pretty seriously. Enjoy fun Labor Day activities in Plano at Willow Bend Market. Looking for Labor Day activities in Plano? Check out our directory today! 

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